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How do I activate my purchased license?

To activate the license, Neelian shall require to received full payment from customer, before can proceed to activate any licenses. For customer who purchased any Sage UBS products from Neelian, customer may require to complete in the Sage UBS License Registration Form, and fax to +05-241 3900 or email to license@neelian.com.my. In order to activate the license, please take note that the form is to be filled in complete and correct before send to Neelian for license processing. 

For how long the license activation process?

The license activation being processed within 3 to 5 working days. After license has been activated, Neelian shall made an arrangement to process for installation.The installation is subject additional installation fee. Subject mentioned may imposed or changed in varies.

If I format my CPU, how about my UBS system?

For this situation, if you worried about your data will be lost, customer may strictly require to made a full system backup before sending the CPU to computer shop for CPU formatting process. The backup data need to safely kept on other disk drive.

Can I send to Neelian to format my CPU?

Yes. Neelian may assist customer who request for formatting CPU. Customer shall require to bring along the CPU OS. Please take note that Neelian has a right to reject any formatting service, for non-genuine CPU OS, handover by customers. Formatting CPU service may subject for a formatting charges.

Why my UBS can't work after format my CPU?

After backup and formatting CPU process, all licensed system may not be functional as usual. The license need to send back to Neelian to request Re-Issuance License. In order to process a re-issuance license, customer require to complete the  Request Re-Issuance License form and fax to +05-241 3900. Attached the license "REG" file and email to license@neelian.com.my. Shall require more information about Re-Issuance license, please call to +605-249 3900.

How to inform if any changes on contact details?

Please update any changing information to Neelian by filling this form Customer Update Information Form and fax to us at +05-241 3900 or email to enquiry@neelian.com.my.