Looking for a technical assistant to help you?

Just pick up and call for assistance...

For system central support division, Neelian offers to all customer the total and complete solution of services and support. Here, at Neelian, we listen and understand our customers problems, before we guide and provide a varied of solution.

A cost-effective and multi range of services approach, to makes and increase the sustainable services to all our valued clients. Neelian provide offline and online services. Customers may choose which method of services they prefered.

Experience system problems? Call our service center now.

For any enquiry regarding latest promotions, product or technical troubleshoot please call to our direct line at +605-249 3900 or our hunting line at 1-700-80-3900. Or, for extra fine after working hour, call our careline number at +6012-586 3900 to assist you.

Email us your query.

Drop your query at our online form. Shall if you free to contact us via email, you may email to us at enquiry@neelian.com.my. Any complaints against our service quality, just drop your email to complaint@neelian.com.my, and we will feedback you shortly.

Request our services by sending us online tickets

Wish to request a support? It's just simple. Click on the below link to get access to the secured online tickets direct to the helpdesk team.


Need help on how customer portal ticketing works? Click here.

NeeCare Support Plans

NeeCare Plus and NeeCare Basic

Check out for unlimited service solution plan and maxmimum anuual support with affordable price. 

NeeCare_Plus_Unlimited.jpg        NeeCare_Basic_Unlimited.jpg     

Download brochure here


Neelian On-Demand Service

NeeCare Step-In-Service

Drop by walk-in service to our office? We've open for 6 days a week from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm, and Saturday from 9.00am to 1.30pm.


NeeCare Site-To-Service

Too busy to go out? Wish our technical consultant can assist you at you site. This is your solution.


Download brochure here

Neelian LiveWebinar

With Neelian LiveWebinar, you can get in touch with any Neelian seminar, meeting, training or product briefing in live stream internet. Any online events will be scheduled and to participate, may contact us via herewith link or either received any email invitation.




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